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Register your child to collect pledges online:

Step 1: Get registered online with these instructions.

  1. Go to to create your child’s FREE fundraising page.
  2. Simply fill in the blanks to create a custom fundraising page.
  3. Done! You’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to the fundraising page for immediate use.

Step 2: Share the fundraising page with friends and family near and far.

  1. Copy and paste the link from your confirmation email into email, text messages and social media to get friends and family involved in your child's fundraising success.

Your child can also collect pledges in the form of cash and checks. Simply send the pledge in an envelope and write your child's name and homeroom teacher on the envelope. Your child's fundraising total will be updated daily!

How can I contribute to a classroom's Trojan Fun Run pledge goal?

Here is a list of links to the various classroom fundraising pages. Click on the link for the classroom you'd like to contribute to and make a donation online to help our students reach their goals!

Kindergarten Classrooms
1st Grade Classrooms
2nd Grade Classrooms
3rd Grade Classrooms
4th Grade Classrooms
5th Grade Classrooms
6th Grade Classrooms
7th Grade Classrooms
8th Grade Classrooms

Can children earn prizes for meeting fundraising goals?

Every grade level has set Classroom Awards for the following Grade Level Goals: $500, $1000, $3000, and $5000

Students can achieve the following Individual Awards for the following fundraising levels:
$10 : TFR T-Shirt
$25 : TFR Slap Bracelet
$50 : TFR Shoelaces
$100 : TFR Drawstring Bag
$250 : SUPER! Spirit T-Shirt
$500 : VIP Luncheon