Academic Overview

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Core Curriculum

San Jose Catholic School meets all the requirements of the State Department of Education and is accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference. The school also meets the guidelines of the Diocese of St. Augustine and offers a rigorous academic curriculum that exceeds Florida Sunshine standards.

San Jose’s academic curriculum is designed at each grade level to prepare students for their future educational experience and studies. Our tenured faculty is adept at utilizing new methods and resources to ensure that the State and Diocesan curricula are applied with updated methods and techniques. Curriculum includes both cognitive and affective aspects of academic growth at every grade level.

Pre-K2 & Pre-K3

Age appropriate curriculum includes classroom centers, hands-on activities, exploration, fine and gross motor skill development, spatial relations, math, language, religion, and social skills.


The Pre-Kindergarten program is developed using age appropriate practices to teach religion, language arts, math, science and social skills. Directed and creative experiences provide opportunities for the student to "learn how to learn".


Kindergarten provides a nurturing environment where young children develop intellectually, socially, and spiritually. Kindergarten provides experiences to prepare students for a more formalized first grade program.

Primary/Intermediate: Grades 1 - 5

The main emphasis of these grades is language arts (reading, writing, English and phonics/spelling), handwriting, mathematics, science, social studies and religion.

Middle School: Grades 6 - 8

The core curriculum for middle school consists of reading/literature, vocabulary, English, math, science, social studies and religion.

Resource Curriculum

In addition to the core curriculum, students have numerous resource classes added to their schedule. Resources include music, art, technology, media/library, Spanish, physical education and guidance.

Guidance Services

San Jose Catholic School employs a school counselor. The Guidance program is intended for all students. Guidance services provide education and intervention of academic, behavioral and personal/social issues. The school counselor conducts regularly scheduled classroom lessons. When needed, the school counselor meets with students, parents or teachers individually or in small groups. Requests to see the counselor may come from students, teachers, administrators or parents. When necessary, referrals to outside sources are made for on-going counseling.

Learning Support Services

San Jose Catholic School employs a certified teacher to provide assistance for students needing remediation. Referrals are based on teacher recommendations. Remediation is provided on a priority basis and not intended for long-term assistance. When necessary, referrals for testing and or other services are made.

Sacrament Preparation

Religious Education

Religion is the cornerstone of the students' education at San Jose Catholic School. Both Catholic and non-Catholic students participate in daily religion class. Second graders and 8th graders will also receive sacrament preparation during their religion classes.

First Reconciliation and First Eucharist

Catholic students who have been baptized will prepare to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion during second grade.


Catholic students may receive the Sacrament of Confirmation during their eighth grade school year. In addition to the school's religion curriculum, parish sponsored programs help prepare students for reception of this sacrament.

Community Service

School-Wide Community Service

The faculty promotes social justice by focusing on community service and environmental awareness in every grade level. The school participates in at least two community service projects that require active student participation.

Mandatory 8th Grade Community Service Policy

As part of the religion grade and confirmation requirements, 8th grade students are to complete a total of 20 hours of community service. Incoming 8th graders may begin to earn required service hours during the summer just prior to 8th grade.

School Liturgies

Faculty, staff, and students attend mass on Wednesday mornings at 8:00 a.m. Parents, grandparents and guardians are invited and encouraged to attend these masses. Parents are asked to sit with their child’s class during mass.